DZCOMM is a API for doing serial I/O under DOS, Linux and SunOS. Originally written by Dim Zegebart, it is now maintained by Neil Townsend (email). The most recent version is 0.9.9g which is designed to work either independently or with Allegro 4.0.
Details - interrupt driven
- FIFO support (if your chip supports it ;) )
- XON/XOFF flow control.
- RTS/CTS flow control.
- software buffers for input and output data streams.
- any base address/irq combinations.
- multiple numbers of comm handlers at the same time.
- IRQ sharing between different RS-232 channels for multiport cards that support it.
- Freeware (full C source).
- Works fully under Linux and DOS.
- Control on on board RS-232 channels under SunOS.
Download -For Dzcomm version 0.9.9g (and previous versions) click here.
-For pre sourceforge versions, please go to the archive pages..
1. Install DJGPP
2. Install Allegro if you are planning to use DZComm alongside Allegro.
3. Copy DZComm zip file to the directory you unzipped the allegro tar file into.
4. Unzip the DZComm zip file making sure that the directory structure is preserved.
5. cd into the dzcomm directory.
6. type 'make' to build DZComm.
7. Check out the DZComm docs and examples; If it didn't quite work or if you have any unanswered queries contact me (preferably via the mailing list; see below) and I'll try to help.
Support/Discussion To facilitate support for and discussion about dzcomm, a mailing list is available. To subscribe to the list go to, to send a message to the list post to
Contributions As is evident, dzcomm is an open-source project. Please feel free to join in the fun - it would be great if dzcomm provided an RS-232 API for as many platforms as possible. The project management homepage is

Maintained by: Neil Townsend

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